Winds of Change (2007)

As world leaders meet for another round of global warming talks, the focus is likely to be on big polluters like China. The country has recently become the world's biggest CO2 emitter.
Currently, 80% of China's energy comes from coal. Mindful of the pollution these power stations generate, the government is investing billions in renewable energy. "China is probably going to be the world's number one renewable energy country", predicts businessman Mark Kelleher. By 2020, 16% of the country's energy must come from renewable sources. Much of this will be generated by wind farms. "This area has really developed since the wind power station was built", enthuses one local. "When the wind power station came, people got jobs".

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Asia's Honey Comb (2007)

In 1997 the British handed the island state of Hong Kong back to China. But we probably don't remember that two years later in 1999, the Portuguese also handed back their former colony of Macau - a typhoon-ridden dot, 50 minutes by ferry from Hong Kong, with no arable land, not even rice paddies, fewer than 500,000 people and less than a sixth the size of Washington D.C.

But now the financial press reports that Macau has actually overtaken the famous Las Vegas strip in the US as the biggest casino magnet in the world.

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Brits get rich in China

China, a superpower emerging at breakneck speed. It's the holy grail for risk taking entrepreneurs. Everyday, hundreds of English businessmen arrive full of hope and expectation. It's a land of opportunity, a place where dreams can come true. This is the story of three men on a mission to make their millions in China.

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China's African Takeover

Toiling for survival in the mines of Africa, even children are forced to work here. And behind this boom, the Chinese. China needs Africa's Copper and Cobalt to feed its fast growing economy. The Chinese bring work and money, but it all comes at a tragic human cost.


Channel Five - Mao's Bloody Revolution Revealed (2007)

Documentary offering a portrait of Mao Tse-Tung, one of the 20th century's most controversial leaders. Author and former BBC correspondent Philip Short looks at Mao's life from his childhood and rise to power to his death in 1976. The programme examines the legacy of Mao's rule of China and features exclusive interviews with some of Mao's inner circle, as well as dramatic unseen footage from the period of the cultural revolution.


Brat Camp (2007)

The Chinese have come up with a unique way of reforming naughty children or bad students. They're sent to 'walking school' and forced to march up to 800 km across the country.

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Trading in Death (1995)

The Death Penalty in China is increasingly prescribed as a panacea for social ills. Prisoners with death sentences are paraded through the streets with placards advertising their crimes. We profile Muslims, Christians and artists who have suffered discrimination, intimidation and torture. Tang Boqiao fled after the Tiananmen Square massacre. A former PSB (Public Security Bureau) officer reveals that many policemen use electric batons to inflict maximum misery. In court, lawyers have inadequate time to prepare a defence for their clients. A lawyer speaks out against a legal system with a conviction rate of well over 90%. While foreign companies enjoy cheap labour, Chinese workers have few civil rights. If they complain, they are dispatched to bleak labour camps where they undergo 're-education'. Even foreign businessmen are vulnerable. James Peng was sentenced to 17 years after he argued with his Chinese partner. His fate highlights the dangers of dealing with a country that has little respect for individual life.

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Asian Development Bank - China's Water Challenge

Rapid economic development and population growth are putting severe pressure on water resources in the People's Republic of China. This DVD features Shanghai, Gansu Province, and the Yellow River basin as models of PRC's commitment to developing its water sector. Investments in rural and urban water services and in river basin management are underway.

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