China: The Roots of Madness (1967)

This film covers China's political history including Mao Tse-tung, the Boxer Rebellion, and the Nationalist - Communist victory. Made possible by a donation from John and Paige Curran. An introduction to the complex state and cultural ambivalence of China. The programme covers a period of one hundred and seventy years. The visuals include lithographs and line drawings from the early 1800's, still photographs from mid-century, early footage from Burton Holmes, Pearl Buck, Reuters newsmen and current footage. Experience the American Journey through our country's visual heritage in this historical recording provided by the National Archives of the United States. This film covers China's political history, including Mao Tse-tung, the Boxer Rebellion, and the Nationalist-Communist victory. From the Central Intelligence Agency Securities and Exchange Commission.

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China: The Roots of Madness; National Security Council. Central Intelligence Agency. (09/18/1947 - 12/04/1981);

Producer: National Archives and Records Administration; Creative Commons license:
Public DomainTV documentary.

China's Missing Children (2010)

It is estimated that more than 70,000 children go missing in China every year, an average of 192 a day. Child trafficking is seen as a growing problem in China, despite government attempts to crack down on it. What can be done to stop the black market trade of children in China?

The China Google Debate (April 2010)

The future of Google, the world's most popular search engine, may be in doubt in China. US-based Google says it is prepared to end operations in China after uncovering a string of cyberspace attacks on email accounts including those of some Chinese human rights activists. Despite strict controls limiting what Chinese citizens can access online, Google says it will no longer censor its search results, even if it means abandoning the biggest Internet market in the world.

Google shuts down in China?

Google shuts China search site

Google Redirects Search Off Chinese Mainland


They Chose China - 2005 (Shui-Bo Wang)

In this feature documentary, Oscar-nominated filmmaker Shuibo Wang (Sunrise Over Tiananmen Square) aims his camera at the astonishing story of 21 American soldiers who opted to stay in China after the Korean War ended in 1954. Back home in the United States, McCarthyism was at its height and many Americans believed these men were brainwashed by Chinese communists. But what really happened? Using never-before-seen footage from the Chinese camps and interviews with former POWs and their families, They Chose China tells the fascinating stories of these forgotten American dissidents.

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Thunderbirds in China - 1974 (Les Rose)

In this documentary, the members of the University of British Columbia's Thunderbirds hockey team travel to China to demonstrate their skills to the new teams in the East. While hockey there still has a long way to go, this film leaves no doubt that the Chinese players are up to the challenge. A film propelled by discoveries, it goes a long way to providing insight into the differences between East and West.

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China Mission: The Chester Ronning Story - 1980 (Tom Radford)

Tom Radford's documentary chronicles the life of Chester Ronning, best remembered for his close and longstanding relationship with China. Over the course of his life, Ronning worked as a cowboy, ambassador, college president, missionary and a member of the Alberta legislature. But throughout all of his careers, his lifelong ambition was to explain China to the western world. His story is a rare example of the meeting of East and West in a compassionate, remarkable man.

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Inside Fighting China - 1942 (Universal Pictures)

This wartime newsreel from 1942 documents the efforts of China to deal with Japanese aggression.

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North China Factory - 1980 (Tony Ianzelo & Boyce Richardson)

This documentary from 1980 depicts a factory community in China where over six thousand workers process, spin and weave raw cotton into 90 million yards of high-quality cloth per year. Also seen are the workers' residential, social, recreational and educational facilities, all of which are located on factory property. The film presents an engrossing study of a lifestyle that is very different from that of the Western world.

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Sunrise Over Tiananmen Square - 1998 (Shui-Bo Wang)

Shui-Bo Wang's feature documentary is a visual autobiography of an artist who grew up in China during the historic upheavals of the ‘60s, '70s and '80s. A rich collage of original artwork and family and archival photographs presents a personal perspective on the turbulent Cultural Revolution and the years that followed. For Shui-Bo Wang and others of his generation, Tiananmen Square was the central symbol of the new China – a society to be based on equality and cooperation. This animated documentary artfully traces Shui-Bo's roots and his own life journey as he struggles to sort through ideology and arrive at truth.

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A Song for Tibet - 1991

Filmed in the Indian Himalayas and in Canada, A Song for Tibet tells the dramatic story of the efforts by Tibetans in exile, including the Dalai Lama, to save their homeland and preserve their heritage against overwhelming odds. Since the invasion of their territory by China in the late 1950s, Tibetans have been struggling for cultural and political survival.

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Torture in Tibet / China’s Brutality in Tibet Exposed

Torture in Tibet / China’s Brutality in Tibet Exposed

Horrific new video from Central Tibetan Administration showing terrible injuries and damge from torture by Chinese in Tibet. Also Video footage of Chinese attacking helpless monks and civilians in Tibet. Tibet remains under Martial Law 1,000's have been murdered and disapeared over the last year. 1.5 million Tibetans have died at the hands of the Chinese in Tibet.

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Tibetan Exiles Grow Impatient - India (1998)

Monks describe how they were imprisoned, interrogated and tortured inside Tibet. They claim the Chinese persecution in Tibet is getting worse. Only in the refuge of Dharamsala can Tibetan culture truly flourish. We meet young Tibetan exiles who are training up for a physical assault against the Chinese. They say the Dalai Lama's 'Middle Way' of peaceful negotiation is getting no response from the Chinese. They fear that time is running out for Tibetan culture. And now with the arrival of the Karmapa Lama in India, their anxieties can only grow over a possible Chinese security crackdown in Tibet. Also available: Key footage revealing violence of Chinese occupation: Tibetan Monks are beaten by Chinese Police.

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CCTV-9 Propaganda Documentaries (2008/2009)

Following the 2008 Tibet Unrest, China's official international broadcaster, CCTV-9, began airing a series of documentaries about Tibet. The spin was that China's role in Tibet has been positive and that it has resulted in economic development and the abolition of the traditional system of serfdom.

No matter which side of the line you stand on the Tibet issue, these documentaries offer an insight into the official Chinese line and the art of producing propaganda documentaries.

Time of Reform - 50 Years of Democratic Reform of Tibet

Part 1:

Part 2:

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HOME (2009)

We are living in exceptional times. Scientists tell us that we have 10 years to change the way we live, avert the depletion of natural resources and the catastrophic evolution of the Earth's climate.

Faster and faster, in the last 60 years, the earth's population has almost tripled, and over 2 billion people have moved to the cities. Faster and faster, Shenzhen in China, with its hundreds of skyscrapers and millions of inhabitants, was just a small fishing village barely 40 years ago.

The stakes are high for us and our children. Everyone should take part in the effort, and HOME has been conceived to take a message of mobilization out to every human being.

HOME has been made for you: share it and act for the planet.

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African boots in Beijing

A documentary film by Luke Mines and Jeremy Goldkorn about Afrika United, a team of Africans playing in a football championship league in Beijing, China.

The Yellow River (5 DVD Boxset)

Yellow River is the origin of Chinese culture where human trace of dozens of ten thousand years ago and sites of Neolithic Age have been found. It has been cultural , economical and political center of China for a long historical period since the age of the class society and is regarded as the cradle of Chinese nation. China' Yellow River is a symbol of national spirits of constantly striving to became stronger, which feeds the nation with glorious and magnificent civilizations. Follow the expedition to find the source of Yellow River and follow its entire 5500 kilometers journey to the sea in this 10 episodes (5 DVD Boxset): 1) The River's source, 2) Down River, 3) the Taer Temple, 4) Chinese Moslems of The Upper Basin, 5) The Nomads, 6) The Underground Dwellers, 7) The Cradle of Chinese Civilization, 8) Taming the Dragon, 9) The Path of Buddha, and 10) The River reaches Bohai Bay.

Medical Mecca (2004)

A controversial treatment using the stem cells of aborted foetuses is producing remarkable results. Many desperate patients see it as their only hope.

They come from all over the world in search of miracles. "We heard that people were coming over to China and they were getting better," explains Mike Thomas. "They were walking again, talking again, breathing again." China's lax safety regulations and different ethical considerations have enabled Dr Huang Hongyun to blaze a trail in this field. He is the only doctor in the world to inject stem cells directly into the brains or spinal cords of ALS suffers or paraplegics. His work has turned two pieces of conventional medical wisdom on their head -- that spinal injuries are untreatable and that ALS is impossible to stabilise. For the first time ever, Dr Huang has allowed tv cameras to film the extraordinary surgical procedure. In the words of patient Laura Jackson, "He does miracles here."

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China Under Mao 1940s-1970s

This video contains two films documenting life in China under the rule of Mao. The first film, (approx. 33 min) is a Chinese propaganda film produced in 1966. It is narrated in both Chinese and English. The focus is on the cultural, industrial, and military accomplishments of the Chinese people under the guidance of Mao and the communist party. Includes excellent footage of the Chinese atom bomb explosion. The second film documents Mao's military and political career from 1944-1971.

Electronic Trash in China

Electronic Trash Village - China (2007)

Every year, 35 million tonnes of electronic waste is exported to China to be scrapped. There the rubbish is broken down by hand, poisoning workers and polluting the environment. "Smoke from the computers is too strong to breathe", complains one disposal worker. "I feel dizzy and can't see any more". Many employees at the electronic disposal plant suffer from respiratory illness or skin diseases. They work for ten hours a day, with no protection from the hazardous chemicals.

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China's Pollution Busters - China (2007)

In the past six years, infant birth defects in China have increased by an unprecedented 40%. This rise is being blamed on pollution from factories. Now green campaigners are taking on the multinationals.

"The untreated waste is pumped out secretly at night", states activist Wu Deng Ming, pointing at a water outlet leading from a factory into a river. "People living along the river have enlarged livers", claims one local. They suffer from: "loss of appetite or cancer and all sorts of terminal diseases". Although strong laws governing pollution exist, these are regularly flouted. "Some local officials give protection to polluters", claims Ma Jun. In an attempt to put pressure on polluters, campaigners are naming and shaming guilty companies online. "We let people know that this company, with such a popular brand, is violated waste water discharge standards". There are also signs that central government is taking the problem more seriously. "The state is very serious about environmental problems", states official Zhou Linbo. Some factories have been closed down. But strong resistance to change still exists. "Polluting factories hire hooligans to deal with people they believe will damage their reputation", claims Wu Deng Ming. Other companies threaten to relocate to Vietnam or Indonesia where; "we can still discharge more of less freely".

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Classic 50's and 60's Communism Films - an Exploration of Communism and Despotism in the Soviet Union and China and Other Totalitarian Regimes

This is a great collection of classic Communism and alternative government viewpoints films. They show the inside story of Communism in the 50's and 60's and contrast it with Capitalism and various forms of despotic governments. This collection has a run time of 1 hour 15 minutes.

Here are the films that make up this collection: Communism - 1952 - an educational film on the Russian Communism, the cold war and its effects around the world.; The War We Are In Part II - Communism Vs Capitalism - 1962 - This is the 2nd part of a lecture given by Dr. George S. Benson, President of Harding College in Searcy, Arkansas comparing and contrasting Communism and Capitalism and discussing the dangers Communism presented to our future.; Red China Newsreel - 1959 - Film clips made by communist cameraman in China, shows Mao and other candidates in election of National People's Congress, with massive show in Peking of dancers and balloons.; The Challenge of Ideas - 1961 - John Wayne, Edward R. Murrow and other notables discuss the ideological battle between U.S. and Soviet Union.; Despotism - 1946 - an exploration of the various forms of government based on their organization and the freedoms given to people under the various types of regimes.

National Archives and Records Administration - China Film Archives

Experience the American Journey through the country's visual heritage in this historical recording provided by the National Archives of the United States. This film explores the industry and culture of the cities of Tianjin and Beijing.

These historical recordings from the National Archives may contain variations in audio and video quality based on the limitations of the original source material.

Biography - Genghis Khan

At the height of his power his empire extended from the Pacific Ocean to the Persian Gulf. But while none question his military brilliance his abilities as a statesman and ruler are often overlooked.Genghis Khan was quite simply one of the most effective rulers in human history. He fashioned his nomadic armies into the greatest fighting force the world had ever seen and extended his empire to the furthest corners of Asia and into Europe in a series of brilliant and devastating campaigns. BIOGRAPHYR travels to Asia on the trail of the great conqueror and traces his exploits through extensive location footage expert testimony and period art and artifacts. Discover how his empire was so well controlled that a traveler could go from one end of it to the other in safety and relive the epic battles that secured his place among the greatest conquerors in history.From the plains of Mongolia to the pages of history this is the riveting story of Genghis Khan.