Nat Geo - China's Driving Dreams

Cars are racing into China, supercharging its economy and delivering dreams of a better life. But cars are now clogging highways and spewing out clouds of pollution. The rest of the world better watch out, because some Chinese automakers have plans to flood the global market with cheaper models. In the Geely Automotive plant in Ningbo, a worker shares some alone time with his girlfriend in the canteen after hours before heading back to the dormitory he shares with seven other men. The company's chairman and founder, Li Shufu, welcomes the freshmen at his university in Beijing, who one day will work at Geely and take its products global. David and Vivian Ren shop for a car in Beijing, before spending a 12-hour day picking it up, arranging the licence plate and paying for it all with cash. The automobile industry and private car ownership are pivotal to China's economic advancement. Call it a driving dream or a nightmare, this is China's revolution on wheels.


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