CCTV-9 - The Past of Tibet (2008)

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According to Old Tibetan law, Tibetans were divided into 3 categories, each was further divided into 3 classes. The Pala Villa owners´ wealth was beyond imagination. His house had about 1,000 rooms, in which there were 50 servants. His family also had 6 other estates in Tibet, and over 50 people to manage the estate. Gesang Quzhen and her mother slept in a room without roof. They were always hungry, but dared not ask for food. Deqing Zhuoma´s family were serves for 4 generations. She was born in a cowshed, and she was the 4th generation serf. Before 1959, there was a practice in Tibet, that is lama service - If a family had two sons, one of them had to be a lama. The basement of the building was a prison, where many cruel and savage ways of punishments were practiced. At meal time, the prisoners were sent to the streets to beg for food. Those who could not get food, would have to go hungry. The streets were full of beggars. Democratic reform was carried out in Tibet, it put an end to the system of feudal serfdom. It turned 1 million tibetan serfs into free men.

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Anonymous said...

It is refreshing to see both sides of a story, for a change. While most of the Western world is in love with the lofty ideals that Tibetans claim to have had crushed by the occupation, this certainly paints their former society as one that was extremely oppressive and much more unjust that their current situation.