Biography - Genghis Khan

At the height of his power his empire extended from the Pacific Ocean to the Persian Gulf. But while none question his military brilliance his abilities as a statesman and ruler are often overlooked.Genghis Khan was quite simply one of the most effective rulers in human history. He fashioned his nomadic armies into the greatest fighting force the world had ever seen and extended his empire to the furthest corners of Asia and into Europe in a series of brilliant and devastating campaigns. BIOGRAPHYR travels to Asia on the trail of the great conqueror and traces his exploits through extensive location footage expert testimony and period art and artifacts. Discover how his empire was so well controlled that a traveler could go from one end of it to the other in safety and relive the epic battles that secured his place among the greatest conquerors in history.From the plains of Mongolia to the pages of history this is the riveting story of Genghis Khan.

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