The Yellow River (5 DVD Boxset)

Yellow River is the origin of Chinese culture where human trace of dozens of ten thousand years ago and sites of Neolithic Age have been found. It has been cultural , economical and political center of China for a long historical period since the age of the class society and is regarded as the cradle of Chinese nation. China' Yellow River is a symbol of national spirits of constantly striving to became stronger, which feeds the nation with glorious and magnificent civilizations. Follow the expedition to find the source of Yellow River and follow its entire 5500 kilometers journey to the sea in this 10 episodes (5 DVD Boxset): 1) The River's source, 2) Down River, 3) the Taer Temple, 4) Chinese Moslems of The Upper Basin, 5) The Nomads, 6) The Underground Dwellers, 7) The Cradle of Chinese Civilization, 8) Taming the Dragon, 9) The Path of Buddha, and 10) The River reaches Bohai Bay.

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